While looking at these two, Both Angular and Vue are MVC Framework, so it’s suitable for developing mobile applications. But Vue.js is more adaptable, less obstinate arrangement when compared to Angular. Which permits to build your applications the way you need it to be, rather than being compelled to do everything the Angular way.

The following Vue.js Specialists to Hire vue.js developer in 2017 trends. The rising popularity of vue.js has certainly persuaded many web deployment companies to do real-time vue.js projects.


Why is Vue.js special?

  • Performance: Vue.js perform quicker when compared with both Angular 1 & 2.
  • Framework Size: The size of Vue.js is smaller than Angular 2.
  • Simplicity: Vue.js is extremely easier than Angular, both regarding API and plan. Adapting enough to manufacture non-trifling applications commonly takes not as much as a day, which is not valid for Angular 1.
  • Easy to learn: Vue.js allows you to write simple JavaScript, as its source code is very readable.
  • Vue is best for native and web applications development
  • Generally, memory allocation per MB in stacking system libraries in Vue2 is less when compared with Angular 2.

The conclusion

Vue.js is very easy to start. Vue is a combination of angular and react. Vue.js many advantages to solving problems. There are several web development companies, if not a particular Vue.js development company,. Find Vue.js job opportunities all around the world.