Angular skipped version 3 to v4 – In fact, there are some breaking changes, clarifying that is the reason the real form number has changed. Furthermore, on the off chance that you missed it, there is no Angular 3.

Most of AngularJS development companies are using the updated version of frameworks to build SPA and mobile applications. The following key points may help to improve your knowledge in Angular V4.

Top features you need to know – Angular V4

  • if…else syntax in component HTML layouts
  • Execution help with FESM
  • The solitary animation module
  • TypeScript’s StrictNullChecks compliancy
  • Angular Universal adoption by group to live in core

FESM – Flattened ECMAScript Module

This is an essential update that you will probably never take note. Angular v4 ships smoothed variants of modules in the ECMAScript Module design.

This arrangement ought to help tree-shaking, help lessen the measure of your generated bundles, and speed up build, transpilation, and loading in the browser in specific situations.

Animation Module

Animation has been around since Angular 2, however, was kept up under @angular/core. For example,

import {
// Animation members
trigger } from ‘@angular/core’

TypeScript’s StrictNullChecks

Initially, null and undefined are JavaScript valid first class type citizens. TypeScript before now didn’t stick to that, which implies you can’t characterize a variable and disclose to TypeScript that this present variable’s value can be null and undefined.

let x = String | null
let y = Number | undefined
let z = Array<String> | null | undefined


With all these particulars, don’t hesitate to begin testing this glossy version. It would also be decent to help the group and group by recording issues on the off chance that you gone over a peculiar conduct from setting up to utilization. You can likewise read about The latest version of AnugularJS