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Angularjs tools

AngularJS is an open source, JavaScript web and app development framework which is the most loved by the developers for its best aspects that assistance in quicker and effective improvement.

Undoubtedly, it is an independent tool which fundamentally is said to aid developers with the front-end development to handle so they don’t have to utilize whatever other third-gathering modules or frameworks.

IDE Editor Tools

– Aptana:

Aptana is a well known IDE tool, which is handled by the developers to make web applications. So as to utilize Aptana, one needs to download and introduce the AngularJS Eclipse extension from the Eclipse commercial center.

– Webstorm:

It takes into consideration streamlining the work process with the AngularJS web application improvement handle while coordinating every last detail of the same in the venture.

Also, It is essentially a code altering tool that understands an AngularJS projects and in this manner assists with the coding procedure so best sites.

Testing Tools

– Protractor:

Protractor is an end- to-end test framework, which works with top of the line innovations like WebDriver, Mocha, jasmine, Node.js, selenium, and cucumber to test applications through a completely mechanized process, by running them in program.


– Angular UI:

AngularUI is a library that comprises of basic UI parts which help in building an AngularJS web applications. Among the broadly utilized segments of AngularUI, one is UI Bootstrap. This exceptional UI part is broadly utilized while growing simple to utilize mobile phone applications.

– AngularFire:

This is useful in making a backend for AngularJS applications and as well as supports AngularJS binding for Firebase.


There are some browser extensions too that assistance with the AngularJS development. For example, consider ng-inspector extension tool for Chrome, Firefox and Safari which helps in easy development, debugging and understanding of an AngularJS application. This extension updates every real-time action in the application and shows whole scope hierarchy, its models, types, and values and most importantly the highlighted DOM nodes when pointing to respective scopes of the application.