The new version of Angular 4.3 has been released now. This can be a minor unharness following our declared adoption of linguistics Versioning, which means that it contains no breaking changes which it’s a drop-in replacement for 4.x.x.


What’s new in this?

  • Introducing HttpClient, which is smaller, as well as easy to handle and a lot of powerful library for creating Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Requests.
  • New router life cycle events for Guards and Resolvers.

The Four new events:

  1. GuardsCheckStart
  2. GuardsCheckEnd
  3. ResolveStart
  4. ResolveEnd
  • Conditionally disable animations via a replacement attribute, [@.disabled]
  • Support for the emulated /deep/ CSS Selector has been deprecated to match browser implementations and Chrome’s intent to get rid of. ::ng-deep has been another to supply a shortly lived workaround for AngularJS developers presently utilizing this feature.